The Genesis

The JACQUELINE DIAS DE SOUSA foundation was created for several reasons: – To ensure, for an indefinite period, 3 ideals whose set seems unique to us, at least in the panorama of Portuguese Foundations: SCIENCE – NATURE – ANIMALS. – To perpetuate a name well known to the Portuguese scientific community from a family that, due to its current dispersion in several countries, will no longer, at least shortly, have descendants in Portugal. – In order to ensure the continuation of a part of the family heritage and derived from many years of intense work, to help, with the means that this heritage can generate, of the ideals that the founder and his wife have been defending for a long time and that constitute the Foundation’s objectives.

The Name

The Foundation took the name of JACQUELINE DIAS DE SOUSA, as homage to whom, during a quarter of a century, has supported and supports with tenderness, friendship, affection and love, a Spartan familiar life, marked mainly by the long working hours of its founder and that in addition, is a eager guardian of Animal Rights and a great lover of Nature.

The Logo

The symbol created by the “Atelier Mário Pádua – Communication Design” of Setúbal, proposes to translate in an elegant and transparent way the objectives of the Foundation, the central sphere being representative on one side of the nucleus of an atom and on the other side of the blue of the Estuary of the Tejo, which is involved, in a relationship that wants to be symbiosis, by 3 elements that represent the values ​​to which the Foundation converges its efforts and attention: Science, Nature, Animal Defense.

The combination of these elements generates a dynamic image, indicating the movement that is assumed to be constant in the Foundation’s activities. The union of efforts is notorious as if it were a team.

The colors were inspired by water and flamingos and intend to enshrine the idea of ​​Light – Research, Light – Natural Beauty and Protection – Defense of Causes.



The JACQUELINE DIAS DE SOUSA Foundation was constituted by a deed of 27 February 2007, at the Notary’s Office Dra. Fátima Duarte, in Montijo.

27 february 2007

The new Framework Law for Foundations

The new Framework Law for Foundations “The new Framework Law for Foundations came into force, with existing foundations (…) having six months to introduce the organic and statutory adjustments that prove to be mandatory.” Law 24/2012, of 9 July, approved the Framework Law for Foundations, which establishes a new legal regime for the creation, operation, monitoring, reporting, performance evaluation and extinction of foundations, private or public , introducing, accordingly, the necessary changes to some articles of the Civil Code that have as their object corporate bodies and, more specifically, foundations. In addition, the new law expressly provides that the rules it introduces, as well as changes made to the Civil Code, apply to existing foundations. Thus, we were forced to legalize what was already legalized… which created a lot of administrative and legal work and immense expense and that took us YEARS – more than 5 years (!) – according to the official board here and below) to achieve !

15 july 2012

23 december 2016

PCM Dispatch

Finally, on December 23, 2016, by order No. 914/2017, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (Office of the Minister for the Presidency and Administrative Modernization), “RECOGNIZES THE JACQUELINE DIAS DE SOUSA FOUNDATION”.

Publication of dispatch in DR

This order was published in the Diário da República Eletrônico,
n 15/2017, Series II of January 20, 2017!
After this terrible “interregnum” of more than 5 years, after many dozens of documents, after many requests and “follow-up’s”, after several changes to the Statutes, after a tremendous capital injection, after buying new Minutes and new books Minutes, after modifying the number of taxpayers, we were finally able to continue working “normally”!

20 january 2017

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The Jacqueline Dias de Sousa Foundation, supports the course of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon “Models of the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB), Scientific Tools to Target the Brain” which took place in principle between 1 and 7 June 2020 at FFUL .

In December 2017, the Foundation was one of the sponsors of the “V International Symposium Amonet - Gender Dimension in Science and Society” that took place on December 14th and 15th at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.

For many years, the Foundation has patronized the “Best Doctoral Thesis” Award of the year, at the Technological Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry - ITQB, of Universidade Nova de Lisboa

The Jacqueline Dias de Sousa Foundation award is given to the best student who, in the previous academic year, has completed the Degree in Chemistry, with an average of 15 or more.