The Foundation concludes agreement on sponsorship with the SPEA

The Foundation is since February this year in negotiations with SPEA – Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds for the conclusion of an important sponsorship (important at the level of the young resources of the Foundation) for the promotion of an extremely useful action that has to do with a bird of the Azores in danger of extinction: The SPEA, has a LIFE project on the Priolo, developed in S. Miguel (Azores), which was recently the target of two important initiatives spread out to the general regional and national public – entitled to 30 minutes of the “Great Reporter” program of Portuguese Radio and Television – Azores, on the 12th  and 13th of February  2008 and 5 pages of interview in the National Geographic Portugal magazine (February 2008).
The SPEA will help in turn the Foundation in its fight for the protection and welfare of the limícolae birds of  the Special Protection Zone of the Tagus Estuary (ZPE) where are located the Headquarters of Foundation Jacqueline Dias de Sousa.